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About Us

Imminent Three

IMMINENT’s latest single B. U. T. (beauty) is due for release in September 2018. A vibrant sound which is sure to wake and rock the clubs. The single clearly shows how much they’ve grown since the “Letting Go “ EP, 3 years ago.

CDs will also be available for purchase exclusively from IMMINENT’s website. The new EP already has a market in the UK, American and Canada music scenes and is extending to Brussels and Paris.

Fans can access IMMINENT’s Instagram, Facebook , Twitter and YouTube channels from a single point. i.e. IMMINENT website.

The first single last year, “Letting Go Reloaded” wet our appetite. We can expect more from this group.

For more details please check out IMMINENT’s website. www.imminentsounds.com

Imminent is a family group of 3 sisters and a brother, who have been influenced by their parents to appreciate varied genres of music from a young age. They grew up with a natural ear for harmonies developing a flair of their own…singing was a regular past time. Over the years the sisters settled into a-cappella parts but love to ‘mix it up’ surprising their audience with a sound that is close yet retaining a unique quality reflecting their very different personalities. More recently their younger brother joined the group as the skilled resident drummer and additional/part time vocalist .

Sweetie the eldest has a light-hearted playful side. Her artistic flair is expressed in her love for fashion. Katouche the middle member, is the communicator, with a head for facts. She has a love for make up artistry. Nosente the youngest sister is the maths and techno head, and an avid reader. 

Aren, has a quiet temperament. He acquired his skill from as early as 9 months, drumming with anything in reach, including a pair of barbie doll legs. He is unstoppable on the drums. Being songwriters provokes their creative scope and love for the music making process. Imminent want fans to connect with them and the authenticity of their music. Their lyrics are usually inspired from life experiences which they hope listeners can identify with. Imminent’s sound is often described as ‘tight’. 

They enjoy covering artists who have influenced

them the most, delivered with a modern twist.

Imminent have performed at Mau Mau Bar, National Theatre and Ronnie Scotts, A38 on the Danube Budapest, and various events in their hometown of Maidstone.

The second EP ‘Pocket Change’ reflects development in their sound and creativity. The lead track is ‘Letting Go Reloaded’. Imminent’s first EP ‘Letting Go’ remains available for download. As siblings they fight hard and play hard, grateful for the opportunity of a shared experience in a common talent….a gift from God.